Who We Are

The Little People’s Golf Championships Association is a 501 (c) (3) not-forprofit organization, made up of a Board of Directors and an Advisory Team of Volunteer men and women dedicated to providing positive competition for young golfers aged three (3) through eighteen (18) from all over the World, through the Pepsi Little People’s Golf Championships.

The Board of Directors is comprised of nine dedicated people, who receive direct input from its Advisory Team, each of whom serves as a Committee Chair or Member. In addition, the tournament is highly dependent upon its volunteer base of some 150 men and women who serve untiringly before, during and after the tournament.

The Executive Board is comprised of Nan Ryan, President; Mike Lawrence, Vice President; Judy Wilper, Secretary, and Terri Blevins, Treasurer. Tami Fleischman, Holly Cain, Lynn Blevins, Tara Dicks, and Chris Duerr complete the Board of Directors.

Nan Ryan
is the Founder and Executive Director of Pepsi Little People’s. She serves as the Association’s President, is Chair of the Little People’s Tournament Committee, the Publicity Committee, the Scholarship Committee, the Entries Committee, the Sponsor’s Committee, the Golf Course Site Selection Committee, and is an Ex-officio Member of all other committees.


mikeMike Lawrence is Vice President of Pepsi Little People’s, and serves as a Member of the Little People’s Tournament Committee, the Scholarship Committee, the Gifts and Merchandise Committee, and is Chair of the Transportation and Hospitality Committee.


judyWilperJudy Wilper is Secretary of Pepsi Little People’s, and serves as Chair of the Westview Starter’s Committee. She is Co- Chair of the Parent-Child Committee, and is a Member of the Golf Course Site Selection Committee and the Little People’s Tournament Committee.


Terri Blevins comes on the Little People’s Board as Treasurer, replacing long-time Little People’s volunteer Mary Jo Hunt.  Terri is currently Associate Dean of Student Affairs at the Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine in Billings, MT.  She has attended and been active at several Little People’s tournaments.

tami-fleischmanTami Fleischman is a Member of the Little People’s Board of Directors, and serves as Representative at KC Par-3, as Chair of the KC Starter’s Committee, and as Co-Chair of the KC Rules and Marshals Committee.  Tami played in the first Pepsi Little People’s in 1974, and has been associated with the tournament in some way since then.
Tara Dicks is a  member of the Little People’s Board of Directors, and serves as Chair of the Family Picnic Committee and as a Member of the Gifts and Merchandise Committee.

Chris Duerr is a Member of the Little People’s Board of Directors. Chris is well known in the Quincy area for his sports casting on KHQA TV, and is a Member of the Little People’s Publicity Committee. Chris has made an awesome video
depicting the importance of Little People’s to Quincy.


Holly Cain is a member of the Little People’s Board of Directors. Holly is well-known in Quincy as Executive Director of the Quincy Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. We are looking forward to her sharing her new and innovative ideas as a member of the Board, the Sponsor’s, and Merchandise and Gifts Committees.


Lynn BlevinsLynn Blevins is the newest member of the Pepsi Little People’s Executive Board. A PGA golf professional, Lynn serves as Tournament Director and Rules Chair for the Little People’s. Lynn, a former golf coach, has had years of experience in running tournaments for college teams.



Lynn Blevins                      Terri Blevins                        Holly Cain           Becky Coughlin                          Paige Cain          Andrew Cashman                 Bridgette Burke               Chris Duerr                               Tara Dicks          Tami Fleischman                               Julie Glover             Jim Grant

Jerry Grawe                                               Blaise Haxel                                    

Mary Jo Hunt                                             Mike Lawrence                                Tracy Lawrence

Lee Paige Lindsay                                   David Morgan                                  Kathleen Ryan

Nan Ryan                                                   Jim Schonhoff                                  Judy Schonhoff

Tim Schrage                                              Mike Wensing                                  Judy Wilper

(Left to right) Jim Schonhoff, Tami Fleischman, Mike Lawrence, Tracy Lawrence, Julie Glover, Holly Cain, 

Mary Jo Hunt, Jerry Grawe, Nan Ryan, Lynn Blevins, Judy Wilper, Judy Schonhoff.