Pace of Play



Each golfer is expected to play a round of 18 holes of golf in 4 hours and 30 minutes.  This averages out to 15 minutes per hole. 

Each golfer should be able to play his/her shot in no more than

40 seconds.


The answer is READY GOLF.  This does not mean you have to rush your shot, but it does mean that you have to be READY to hit your next shot as soon as the other player has played.  Ready Golf applies EVERYWHERE on the golf course – the tees, fairways, and greens.

On the Tee

The player with the honor should be ready to hit first.  If he/she isn’t ready, then someone else should hit.

On the Fairway

All golfers should go to their ball as soon as possible and get ready to hit.  While waiting for others, players should look at their shot, get the yardage, select the club, and stand at their ball ready to hit when it is their turn.  If you are not away but the person further away is not ready, then you should go ahead and hit.

On the Green

Be ready to putt before it is your turn.  Players should line up their putt while others are putting so they are ready to putt when it is their turn.

Ready golf means

THINKING AHEAD so that you are READY TO PLAY when it is your turn.


Players should walk down the side of the fairway to even with their ball, determine yardage and club selection, then move towards their ball after the player(s) behind have hit.

Everyone (players, parents, spectators) should try to help find a lost ball, but should do so AFTER hitting their shots, not before.

Always leave your golf bag at the back or side of the green closest to the next tee.  Don’t stand on the green writing down scores; go to the next tee and record scores.

Putt continuously if possible.  Marking and remarking balls takes time and slows down play.  If you must mark your ball, take the time the other person is putting to survey your putt and be ready to putt when it is your turn.

Walk fast – don’t be a ‘slug’ on the golf course.

If a situation arises and a player does not know how to proceed, he/she should play a second ball under Rule 18-3 and continue play.  He/she must report the facts to the tournament rules official afterwards regardless of score, and must NOT sign the scorecard until an official decision has been made.