The Spirit of Giving Award


Information on the ‘Spirit of Giving’ Award

for Pepsi Little People’s Participants

Nine years ago, we established an Award in memory of John Howerton, a Little People’s Board member and Chair of our Transportation Committee, who passed away unexpectedly on March 23, 2011, following a routine surgery.

John was a great ambassador for Little People’s, and established many friendships with our players and their families. The John Howerton ‘Spirit of Giving’ Award is in memory of John’s giving spirit.

If you have a story of unselfish giving about your son or daughter or any other Little People’s player that happened in the last two years, and have some documentation of this (newspaper article, internet article, video, etc.), please let us know.

You can email, fax or mail the story and documentation to me at, fax to 970-586-3116 or mail to 1600 Wapiti Circle #8, Estes Park, CO 80517. We need to have this no later than  May 22. To receive this award, the player must be a contestant in the 2020 Virtual Pepsi Little People’s Golf Championships.

The Award will be presented by mail.  A news release will go to the media. Past winners of this award are Claire Hodges, Maggie Ambrose, Zach Hoskins, Tripp Kinney, Hannah Berman, Alex Heard and Jack Hilgenberg.