Recommended Restaurants



The Little People’s Board of Directors recommends the following restaurants

as local establishments that sponsor and support the

2020 Pepsi Little People’s Golf Championships.  

 Applebee’s Grill & Bar, 3827 Broadway, Quincy, IL, 217-228-8451 – Sponsor of 2020 Parent-Child Event

Gem City Pizzeria, 1801 State, Quincy, IL, 217-257-2314

Kelly’s Tavern, 2892 Broadway, Quincy, IL ,217-222-5579

Quincy Hy-Vee Market Cafe, 1400 Harrison, Quincy, IL 217-224-9442

Quincy Hy-Vee Market Grill, 3600 Broadway, Quincy, IL 217-228-1060

Tiramisu Restaurant, 137 N. 3rd, Quincy, IL 217-222-9560