LPGC COVID-19 Policies


The Little People’s Golf staff will continue to monitor the following policies and adjust should restrictions be lifted or changed in any way. These restrictions will be set in place starting 5/5/2021 and will be followed until further notice.  Protocols will be updated the first week of June, and again just prior to the tournament, so please check this site often.

  • Social distancing should always be practiced by maintaining six feet from others.
  • Registration for the 2021 Pepsi Little People’s will be inside the clubhouse at Westview, from 12-6 Sunday, June 20, and 9-5 Monday, June 21.  The number of people inside  the clubhouse at one time will be limited; masks are required by everyone when inside clubhouse.
  • ALL PLAYERS (including those playing at KC) must have their temperature taken by a Little People’s staff member at the entrance to Westview each day before entering the clubhouse or proceeding on to KC.  The Park District waivers will be accepted at this time.  All players in all divisions must check in at Westview at the start of each day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, prior to playing a practice round or competitive round.
  • ALL VOLUNTEERS (including those at KC) must have their temperature taken by a Little People’s staff member at the entrance to Westview each day before entering the clubhouse or proceeding on to KC.  All volunteers must present a completed Park District waiver to the staff member at the entrance to Westview the first time.
  • ALL PARENTS playing in the Parent-Child must have their temperature taken by a Little People’s staff member at the entrance to Westview on Sunday before entering the clubhouse. All parents playing in the Parent-Child must present a completed Park District waiver to the staff member at the entrance to Westview on Sunday.
  • All Little People’s  staff must wear a mask when engaging with players/spectators.
    • Players should have a mask with them at all times, but do not need to wear a mask when actually playing.
    • It is encouraged that spectators wear a mask at all times.


  • College coaches will be able to attend Pepsi Little People’s Golf Championships.
  • Spectators are highly encouraged not to arrive on the main golf course property any earlier than 10 minutes before their player’s tee time. Any crowding of spectators in violation of social distancing may result in an LPGC staff member asking spectators to return to their vehicles.
  • The LPGC will defer to the golf course regarding the use of spectator carts and will strictly follow the course guidelines and requirements.
  • Spectators are allowed to carry food, drink and other items (umbrellas, outerwear, sunscreen, etc.) for their player/child and are permitted to give such objects to players as long as it is done quickly, and they quickly return to social distancing.
  • We strongly encourage spectators to forecaddie as much as possible to limit congregating on the tee and help with pace of play.
    • Spectators will be permitted to assist in looking for lost balls with players and may communicate an entry point or approximate location to any player verbally, as long as social distancing is maintained.
  • If you have an underlying health condition or are at a vulnerable age (ages 50+), the LPGC strongly encourages you to stay at home and not attend Little People’s.
  • Any spectator found to be in violation of any of these policies will be asked to vacate the primary golf property and to return to their car. Extreme offenses may result in a permanent ban from LPGC events for the spectator and, if necessary, the player.


  • The driving range at the KC facility will be open for practice and will have its own protocols regarding Covid-19. The number of players on a practice greens will also be limited based on the size of the greens. Players only on practice greens.
  • Players shall make every reasonable effort to arrive at their competition course no more than 45 minutes before their scheduled tee time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and shall remain in their car in the event the participant arrives earlier.
    • Players are allowed on the practice putting green from 20 minutes to ten minutes before their schedule tee time.


  • Players will only be provided their fellow competitor’s scorecard on the first tee and are not permitted to exchange cards or shake hands (or touch their fellow competitor in any way).
  • A staff member will be on the tee to start each group while social distancing, and to answer any questions players might have.
  • Players must not shake hands or hug competitors.


  • Once on the golf course, players must practice social distancing at all times. Once players reach the green, the first player to putt out should head to the next tee. If the group in front of you is still on the tee, please do not approach the tee and stay at the back of the green your group is currently playing. Once you have teed off, please stand on the opposite side of the tee box of the players in your group.
  • The LPGC will not provide or facilitate any shuttles. The only time players will be in a cart with another person is while competing in the Applebee’s Parent-Child or during an evacuation for a dangerous weather situation.
  • During a weather delay, please head straight to your car.  Instructions for what to do regarding a rain delay or postponement will be given on the Little People’s website, www.littlepeoplesgolf.com, so keep your cell phone on. We strongly encourage each player to have a car on site but understand that this may not be possible. In the event of a weather delay, the LPGC will have designated evacuation location(s) where players can social distance.
  • If a player needs a ruling, signal for a Rules person or play a provisional ball and consult the Rules official before signing your scorecard.
  • The LPGC provide water  to players on the golf course, and Pepsi products in the clubhouse. We recommend that players bring their own water prior to teeing off.
  • The snack bar at Westview will not be open Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, but HyVee will have sandwiches and snacks available at Westview for everyone.
  • The annual Picnic on Monday night has been cancelled, but each player will receive a $10 coupon  in his/her registration packet, to be used at either of the Quincy Hy-Vee stores.
  • Players must not shake hands or hug competitors after the round is completed.
  • The scoring area will be expanded to properly accommodate social distancing protocols. Players will be instructed by the staff member where to stand when reporting scores.
  • At this time, we plan to have a brief prize presentation at the large scoreboard when each division completes play. This also applies to the prize presentations at KC.
  • Once the prize presentation  is finished, each player will be instructed to head back to their cars and leave the property as soon as possible.
  • Ties for 1st place will be decided by an on course playoff if possible; otherwise by scorecard playoff.  All other ties will remain as ties.

The Pepsi Little People’s Staff also asks that you use the following precautions:

  • If you have a fever, cough or other symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, lips and eyes.
  • Wash your hands frequently. If you are unable to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer.
  • Please familiarize yourself and follow best practices as published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and state/local governments.