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Dear Parents of Little People’s Golfers:

Thank you for choosing the 2023 Pepsi Little People’s Golf Championships, our 50th Anniversary tournament,  for the young golfer or golfers in your family.

Our tournament has grown tremendously since 1974, when 174 players competed on one nine-hole golf course!  This year, some 250 to 300 young golfers are expected to enter, coming from nearly every state, Canada, and, if travel is allowed,  many foreign countries.  They will test their skills on two Quincy, Illinois, golf courses.

Our goals have grown throughout the years also.  During those first years, we donated a portion of the proceeds to local high school golf teams.  Today, our “Kids Helping Kids” program encompasses: (1) Little People’s Charitable Program,  (2) the Little People’s Scholarship Program and (3) the Maureen J. Garrity Scholarship for Women. With your help we can expand all of these programs in the future.

1          Little People’s Charitable Program provides that a portion of Little People’s proceeds goes to Transitions of Western Illinois. Transitions is dedicated to providing assistance to physically and emotionally-challenged young people and their families.  Since 1996, we have donated some $77,000 to that organization.

2          The Little People’s Scholarship Program provides young golfers who have limited family finances the opportunity to compete in the Pepsi Little People’s.  In the last 19 years, we have awarded partial or full scholarships to 40 local and national First Tee participants, and to 41 national players through our Little People’s Scholarship Program. More information and application forms  can be found under TOURNAMENT>Scholarships on our website,

3          The Maureen J. Garrity Scholarship for Women, which helps fund their college education.  Two young ladies were the first recipients of this Scholarship in 2019, three each in 2019, 2021 and 2022.  More information and application forms  can be found under TOURNAMENT>Scholarships on our website,

Many people have asked, “How can we help?”  Our answer was to establish a Booster Club for parents, grandparents, friends and alumni.  Membership is $10 per person, or an amount of your choice.  As a member, you will receive a special Booster Club gift and will be recognized at the Family Celebration Picnic.  More importantly, you will be helping young people of all abilities to fulfill their dreams.  Donations can be made with the Booster Club form or during tournament registration at Westview in Quincy on Sunday and Monday, June 18-19.

Thank you.  With your support, we can continue our service to wonderful and talented young people.  We look forward to seeing you in Quincy in June.



Nan Ryan, Little People’s Founder and Executive Director  

Booster Form for Parents 2023

Booster Form Grandparents 2023