Little People’s Golf Championships Association

nanlessonsSenior Member, Ladies Professional Golf Association Teaching and Club Professional Division

(24-Hour Cancellation Requested)

ADULTS (18 and over)
(45-Minute Session)
One Session $ 45
Five Sessions $200

JUNIORS (thru age 17)
(45-Minute Session)
One Session $ 35

GOLF 101
(For Beginners and Non-Golfers)

A basic course on how to PLAY the
game, its history, terminology, how clubs
work for you, how rules help you, the
golf course and how to play it best,
how to have fun on the course.

A MUST course for all new golfers
or for those who need to know more
about the wonderful game of golf.

Four 1-Hour Sessions $125/per person
(Minimum two per class)

Call NOW, for Information and Lessons:
Nan Ryan – LPGA Teaching Professional
970-586-4242 or Cell Phone 217-257-5718


(24-Hour Cancellation Requested)

ADULTS (18 and over)
(One Hour Session)
Two Students $45 each
Three Students $40 each
Four Students $35 each

(Form your own group – Set your own times)
Five 1-Hour Sessions
Two Students $225 each
Three Students $200 each
Four Students $175 each


Little People’s celebrated its 46th anniversary in June 2019. We received 248 entries in
2019, down only 5 players from 2018, and it was a high-quality field. Of the 248 entries
received in 2019, players came from 22 states, Barbados, Indonesia, South Africa,
Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, China and British Columbia. Once again, we were hit by terrible
weather on the final day of play. Fortunately, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday had good weather, so we were
able to complete the Applebee’s Parent-Child, practice rounds and Picnic, and first round of play on Tuesday.
But the rains came on Wednesday morning and we were forced to cancel all play for the final day, resulting in
a one-day tournament.
We had 13 Adams County (12 from Quincy) players who took advantage of the BOC entry discount
entries, a decrease from 2018, but we will continue to encourage local play with the help of The Quincy
Breakfast Optimist Club, which is offering partial scholarships, the amount dependent on the Division, to the
first 30 players from Adams County to sign up. We had made a concerted effort after the 2014 tournament to
work with the Park Board to waive greens fees to players who had full Junior memberships at Westview so we
could reduce their entry fees, but the Park Board turned us down.
We used email and the internet for the distribution of entry forms, saving us quite a bit in postage,
printing and time. For the eighth year, we posted Early Entry Forms in early January with a 15% discount in
entry fee. The regular entry forms and acceptance paks were posted on February 1. For the seventh year, we
did not send posters to golf courses, instead we did it with a net. Sponsor letters and forms went to some 342 prospective sponsors in the
Quincy area, and this was the only major printing and/or mailing other than the tournament program, which
more than pays for itself with advertising.
We received $26,331 in sponsor money in 2019 (including the $4000 from Pepsi for the contestant
gift), a slight increase over 2018. In order to keep Little People’s alive and in Quincy, we MUST continue to try
to obtain more sponsors. Make sure to read the latest GHD news and events to keep updated on your favorite sport.
Previous sponsor money was 2006 – nearly $30,000; 2007 – $26,860; 2008 – $26,795; 2009 – $23,580;
2010 – $23,185; 2011 – $27,550; 2012 – $31,999 (Titan co-sponsor); 2013 – $35,773 (Titan); 2014 – $30,380
(Titan), 2015 $22,650, $26,094 in 2016, $23,694 in 2017 and $26,112 In 2018.
The annual Family Celebration Picnic, held at the KC banquet hall, was a great success, thanks to
the creativity and organization of our Picnic Chair Tara Dicks, and a good menu and good food.
Because of the hot weather and lack of water on the Westview Golf Course, Little People’s again
furnished free water on the course. This year we purchased water from Pepsi, and made it available in
coolers on several tees throughout the tournament. Mike Lawrence and his crew did a phenomenal job in
filling and distributing the coolers to the needed areas throughout the tournament.
A new addition in 2015 was a Raffle to help raise money. Tracy Lawrence and her team did an
outstanding job of selling tickets, and the event raised $995 in 2016, $1500 in 2017, $1430 in 2018 and
$1410 in 2019.
For the 15th year, credit cards were accepted. The usage jumped from some $10,000 in 2005 to
$27,394.50 in 2019, including 197 transactions. Most usage was for entry fees, with the remainder for
Parent-Child, Sponsors, Team, Picnic and Merchandise. We accept all types of Credit Cards, and use the
GoPayment method, which kept our usage fees to 3.5%.
The Entries Committee was able to process every entry efficiently and in the best manner possible.
Interestingly, many people waited until the last minute to enter, and we received 20 entries in the last few
days before the tournament started. There were some 52 parent-child teams entered in the Parent-Child,
although this number may not be exact because of late entries and withdrawals.
The Registration Committee did a magnificent job of registering every one quickly. The shorter
hours worked well and will continue in 2020. Holly Cain will contact and schedule the volunteers, while Mary
Jo Hunt will supervise the registration activities on Sunday and Monday.
The Grounds Committee at both venues, Westview and KC, did an excellent job of keeping their
courses in top competition condition, but could do nothing to make the courses playable the final day.
The Merchandise and Gifts Committee selected the contestant, booster club and volunteer gifts,
with Expressions by Christine taking over merchandise and sales. Little People’s received $710 from
Expressions as a portion of their profits at the tournament, with an additional $366 coming from the sale of
bug spray.
2019 LPGC Annual Report…Page 2
The Rules and Marshals Committee kept the players moving, made very few rulings, and handled all
situations with smiling faces. We will again have to be sure that the players are aware of the new Rules. It is
extremely important for the LP reps at each course to read and understand the Guidelines and Policies
in order to avoid major problems. And it is equally important that every Rules person at each course know
the NEW USGA Rules of Golf and be able to find answers in the Rules book!!! In 2013, we instituted some
Pace of Play rules, and allowed range finders that measure distance ONLY for all age groups, including the
Applebee’s Parent-Child. An important addition to the Rules Committee in 2017 was Lynn Blevins, the Men’s
and Women’s Golf Coach at Regis University in Denver, (now at Rockford College in Illinois) who came to
Quincy and spent all day both competition days handling rules on the course. Lynn will be back at Little
People’s for the entire tournament in 2020.
The Starter’s Committee held close to starting times as we allowed more time between crossovers for
18-hole players at Westview.
Scoreboard Committees had scores posted in record time. We did not have dedicated computers at
the motels as we have the last few years, but everyone had an address to enter into whatever device they had
in order to get Wednesday pairings (which, as it turned out, weren’t needed because of the rainout).
The Transportation Committee headed by Mike Lawrence was expanded to include Hospitality
duties, because of the use of only two Quincy golf courses, and was quite effective. They also handled the
distribution of water throughout the courses each day.
Computer … Information was posted to the website rapidly with no problems.
Donations…We donated $2000 to Transitions of Western Illinois, an increase of $1000 over the past
few years. We were able to do this because we did not pay greens fees for the rainout day. Greens fees will go
up slightly in 2020, but we have a verbal agreement from David Morgan that we will not be charged for
rounds not played.
A problem for the future…Although Refreshment Services Pepsi has agreed to again sponsor Little
People’s in 2020 with a $4000 monetary donation plus $4000 for the purchase of contestant gifts, plus
product, we are in desperate need of additional funds.
And now it is time to look forward to our 47th annual event. The 2020 Little People’s for players
ages 3 through 18 will again be played at two courses in Quincy, Westview Golf Course and the Knights of
Columbus Par-3, on June 22-24. The Applebee’s Parent-Child and associated events will be held on Father’s
Day, June 21, with the Applebee’s Closest to the Pin contest on the 9th hole during Monday’s practice rounds
at Westview. Refreshment Services Pepsi will be our major and title sponsor for the 47th year. Callaway will
donate 50 dozen logoed golf balls, a new sponsor, Golfdotz, will give every player a package of Golfdotz, a 20%
discount coupon to be used on their website, and each of the 14 Division winners will receive a $25 Gift
Certificate to be used on the Golfdotz website. Garb Inc will again give each contestant a 20% discount
coupon and each of the 14 division winners a $50 gift certificate. Garb also donated a $50 Gift Certificate to
be used at the raffle.
Each of you has one or more important duties to help make the 2020 event great. I continue to need
your ideas, your creativity and your support. One of your most important duties during the tournament
will be to wear a smile, and to be compassionate in all situations. We want to continue our reputation as
the friendliest junior golf tournament in the World, and to do the right thing when situations arise.
Again, a big “Thank You” for making the 2019 Pepsi Little People’s Golf Championships as good as it
could possibly be, despite the weather rainout. Your continued support and hard work is deeply
appreciated. I know I can count on your 100% support for the Pepsi Little People’s in 2020.
Nan Ryan, LPGC Executive Director